Alternative Opportunities

There are numerous, creative and easy ways to join us in the fight against hunger! Listed below are some fun alternative ways to get involved.                               

Designate Mid-South Food Bank as your nonprofit of choice with Kroger and every time you shop for groceries and use your Rewards Card, the Food Bank automatically earns a rebate based on the amount you spent. Sign up at any store on online here:

Hold a food & funds drive!  Info here or contact David Stephens, 901-497-1153 or

Click on the Take Action bar at the top of our website and choose Find Assistance. By entering your Zip code, you can find the agencies we work with in your area and contact them directly to find out what they need help with and how you can get involved. This is a great way to volunteer in your immediate community.                 

Hand the checker a $1, $2 or $5 Feed the Need scan card when you check out at the grocery store.      

Write letters to your elected officials about the importance of fighting hunger and SNAP (food stamps) benefits.    

Take the SNAP Challenge and blog about your experience. Ask your friends to take it with you and compare experiences. We’d love to post your experience on our social media sites in order to help others better understand the challenges associated with hunger. Information available upon request.                          

Design a mural project for our partner agencies and paint it at their pantry. It’s amazing how revitalizing art can be!                                                      

Raise your personal awareness about food insecurity by watching Feeding America’s Real Story videos.

Like us on Facebook! It’s a simple way to stay informed and spread the word.

If you are a college student who purchases food credit at the start of the semester, use any leftover credit to buy non-perishable items and donate them!

Research any topics related to hunger and give a presentation at your school, faith organization, job or clubs you belong. We can help you get started.